AD&D Yrth session 2: killer kobold kommandos

The party discussed courses of action and the consensus was to question Friar Tanin (who Morax has been sent to kill…don’t tell anyone!) and his two assistants (half-orcs in full plate with maces and scars suggesting they’d had their tongues cut out).  They surprised us with the suggestion that they’d help us clear out the Caves of Chaos, if we could only find the entrance.  So the party set out to find the caves  — we’d have to do that eventually anyway, right?

In the woods, we wandered a bit until we came across some kobold scouts, which the elf surprised (he’s been scouting ahead).  After a quick fight the kobolds were all killed and the elf was unconscious, but my PC healed him and we carried on.

We followed the kobold’s tracks, thanks to our ranger, and eventually stumbled onto a huge hollowed out tree with a hermit living in it.  The party was invited in, but only the ranger, elf, and magic-user actually went in; leaving the paladin and half-orc outside and suspicious, looking for a trap. (The dwarf’s player couldn’t make it this time.)  Just as we notice claw marks on the tree, the hermit unleashed his pet panther or leopard or whatever on the party, who fought desperately in the close quarters.  The elf went down. Again.

Our minimalist set-up. The crowd on the right are inside a hollow tree. The paladin and assassin are bravely watching the carnage…they charged in the next round.

The party managed to kill the hermit and the ranger used his psionics to put the cat into a coma (did I mention this bastard has an 18 Str, 18 Con, and stats high enough to qualify both for rangerhood and psionics!?!).  We found a magic ring and dagger and a potion.  Morax took the dagger and the magic-user held on to the other items, identifying the potion as Invisibility by its taste.

We rested up it the hermit’s hovel and then proceeded again, eventually walking into an ambush: six kobolds with light crossbows, firing from cover.  They got surprise and since the DM is trying out BtB everything, thier bolts did TRIPLE damage during the surprise segments, felling the ranger almost immediately.  The kobolds then won initiative and proceeded to knock out the paladin and magic-user.

Kobolds lined up behind a low rock wall; three downed PCs. Not pictured: an elf and half-orc running for dear life.

So Morax and the elf beat a hasty retreat, not even stopping to try to rescue the magic items and treasure fallen PCs!  (Actually it was already quite close to quitting time and by the time we got out of crossbow range, the kobolds had already dragged off the unconscious party members, probably to put their heads on pikes).

So, three new PCs — another ranger and magic-user, although the paladin player (either due to low roles or choice) made a fighter.  Once more unto the breach…

The new ranger with halberd; the original half-orc and elf; new M-U; new fighter with bow. The half-orc and elf are Ral Partha minis; the other three are Grenadier.

The DM kind of wavered about whether the kobolds take captives, so there might be a search and rescue operation in the future.  The psionic ranger Ubermensch is worth saving!

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  1. Awesome report!

    High point of this Monday morning!

  2. Looking over the a characters I found mistakes. Mainly against the characters. I will have to go overs some stuff.
    But It makes me feel better about give all a second chance.
    I think things might have gone a bit different if the MU/T had picked his 5th spell (particularly if it were sleep).

    • I have a fifth spell??!!!??

      Along those lines…what does “Min spells/LV” on the character sheet mean? I mean obviously its not the obvious “you start with 9 spells” and” you pick 9 spells of that level of spell when you have access to that level of spell.

      • I think it has to do with when you are rolling to learn spells — you can’t fail to learn more than x spells of a given level when x+9=the total spells available of that level…something like that, I think.

  3. A fun report! I remember that hermit and his cat from 1982.

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