Yrth AD&D session 3: kobold genocide (w/pics)

Once more unto the breach! Our DM retconned that the fallen PCs may not be dead yet and their players could each control a man-at-arms (m-a-a) or two, as the survivors agreed they needed to hire some meat shields.  They all chose to do so and so once again we set off for the caves.

Short version: after several forays, we rescued the captive PCs just as they were about to be had for a feast in kobolds’ hall.

In the first attempt, our elf found a trap … and fell in.

The elf disappeared down a pit trap, and a horde of rats appeared on the left.

The dwarf rushed past the rats to kill off some kobolds that had been 'slept' by the elf right before he set off the trap. Some rats followed.

Things began to look grim as the two m-a-a with the dwarf fell, and my half-orc was reduced to one HP, forcing him to fall back.

Another m-a-a falls...

One m-a-a fell into the pit at the start of the battle, right after the elf did; the others were all knocked out by the rats but the party survived and we patched up all the m-a-as to come back again later...

On the next pass, the elf, scouting ahead, found some orcs, who opened fire with their bows and knocked him out...

Curly, Moe, and Larry ponder how to rescue the fallen elf ... the orcs had eyes only for the elf, though, and in the daylight didn't see the rest of the party back another 90'. This gave us a chance to set up a simple ambush.

Well, that was not what we planned. One orc felled by my arrows and the m-a-as butchered.

Somehow we pulled through, recouped at the Keep, and returned yet again to enter the kobold caves and with caution and sleep spells, made our way to the kobold warren at last!

The final showdown featured a cast of dozens ... snotlings standing in for kobold women and children. The psionic ranger confused the kobold chief with a mind blast, and the elf slept all the warriors, leaving the fight a mop-up operation. Despite the post title, we did not massacre the kolbold women and children (curse you, Gygax, for even putting them in there, you creep!). They handed over the loot and we let them go to be eaten by the orcs, gnolls, ogre, and so on in the other caves.

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  1. The Curly, Moe and Larry shot was too funny!

    I had a blast though and the game was both challenging and entertaining all night. Great times were had indeed!

    I don’t know if this is correct or not but I think I was the first character to have a chance to finish his own side mission. I am not sure if I missed something last session that someone may have completed or not. I just sent my entry to the group and am trying to figure out how or if I should get something going online with them again or not.

    Excellent summary though with the pics Mike!

    • Yes, you are the first as far as i know.

  2. Yeah, like Moe’s attempt at figuring this bad situation out. Seems to really sum up a lot of D&D. Larry, on the other hand is more insouciant about things.

  3. This is awesome, Mr. Monaco…

    …but no Shemp?

    • I am thinking that Shemp was holding the camera… 😉

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