Satanic panic: Turmoil in the toybox

Just a quick update — I found a series of Youtube videos where the “author” of Turmoil in the toybox (scare quotes because it was actually ghostwritten for him) is interviewed on “The Eagles Nest,” a 1980s wacko show.  I watched at least one episode of that show back when I was kid and they were discussing ‘backward masking’ and the Satanic messages in rock albums. (And not just heavy metal — The Eagles, Pink Floyd, and other mainstream bands were all tools of Satan.)

Anyway the first of the 10 Youtube videos is here and it will lead you to the successive ones. Enjoy!

My, how times have changed.  Back in the dark days of the 1980s we thought Satanism was being covertly promoted by toys.  Today we know it is really Islam. 🙂

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  1. I don’t know about religion or extremism…

    …but anyone who defames toys must be dealt with!

    • If you can’t see that the Care Bears are devil worshiping minions of Satan, you just can’t handle the turth. Everything I needed to know about black magick, I learned at Toys R Us.

      • Only the pure faith of Lego will save your soul, Mr. Monaco.


        Find hope in the plastic bricks!

        Build your redemption, you sinner!

  2. But according to The Matter of France, Islam and Satanism are the same! If a medieval romantic saga says it’s true, it must be true! Never mind the internetz!

    • Well, satanic-panicker Bob Larson has another book on cults which basically explains that all reliigons other than pentecostal Christianity are forms of Satanism. Didn’t J.C. say “There can be only one!” Or am I thinking of someone else…

  3. Heh. Bob Larson is a complete and total huckster. He passed himself off as an “expert” on occultism, for years, getting himself on Geraldo, writing books, etc., talking through his hat and making stuff up, the whole time.

    The really weird thing is, that growing up in Alabama in the 80’s, TV was the ONLY place I ever saw any backlash against D&D. I reckon there must have been a book-burning or two, somewhere in our fair state, but my neck of the woods has always had a ton of gamers and I never saw any anti-D&D sentiment expressed. It’s possible that the fundies were just so secure down here, that they didn’t feel threatened.

    • Yeah, I knew some heavy-duty zealots who played D&D in college, so I shouldn’t paint with too broad a brush.

      I think it really boils down to:
      1) kids these days (at any period post 1910) are up to things outside thome
      2) parents get worried about that
      3) people can profit by exploiting that fear

      Hence Refer madness, rock’n’roll=devil music, comic book codes, motion picture ratings, video game ratings, satanic panic, internet filters, and all that. Are there some real dangers? Obviously. Are there some imaginary ones? Definitely.

      People who already have an imaginary BFF who talks to them, and a siege mentality like many zealots, well, they are especially susceptible to this kind of fear-mongering.

      I think we SHOULD be involved in choosing appropriate media, books, toys, etc for our kids and I hate that commercialism and consumerism are targeting them but the problem is not that they’re learing cast spells; it’s that they are learning to want crap they don’t need and measure themselves and others by the things they have… maybe i’m a crackpot socialist hippy.

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