Speaking of home-casting

If you want to cast your own 25mm fantasy miniatures, the best bet (and the only one I can vouch for) would be those offered by the Dunken Company — an American distributor of Prince August molds (in Europe, you can buy directly from Prince August).

One other option I’m often tempted to try are the molds offered by Castings.  Their fantasy molds appear to include some old Grenadier designs.  I assume they are properly licensed.  The link goes directly to their fantasy line, and the very small image looks like it includes:

  • a skeleton from the Tomb of Spells set (SR 188)
  • an umber hulk (SR 190)
  • a djinn (SR192)
  • a cleric (SR 185)

as well as at least one Heritage casting (a lizard man, also in SR 188)

I am sure I’ve seen the treant (SR 194) before too.  The rest I am less certain about, as the image is pretty poor quality.  If any of you out there can ID the others, I’d be interested in hearing what they are.

The previous owner of the Dunken Company offered some unlicensed molds made of Heritage models but the new owner has (correctly) taken them off the market.

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  1. I have a ton of Prince August molds collecting dust on my shelves, never used. Truthfully I think I am a little afraid of the whole molten pewter business. But ones of these days…

    • Well, cutting air channels is a little tricky but if you can assemble a mini you can handle casting. It’s really not too hard, just takes some patience to find the right temperature (and there are great how-to videos on the PA and Dunken sites).

      But if you don’t think you’re up to it, I know someone who is suddenly getting interested in casting again after posting about it. 🙂 What molds have you got?

      I was hoping to get someone interested in an ‘mold exchange’ — it’s a little pricey to buy a mold unless you’re going to make a LOT of minis…and metal is kind of pricey now too. I have some molds I’m not likely to use again. (I am unlikey to cast any more elves, for example, now that I have an army of them)

  2. Cool links!

  3. What a fantastic find! I’ve always been a fan of Mithril Miniatures, even though I’m not a big fan of the Lord of the Rings. Even as a boy I noticed their quality. Now I can buy Prince August molds???? I suddenly know what Santa is bringing my 12-year-old son. (Maybe he should bring dad a mold as well.)

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