The 5DM campaign sessions 1-2

I’ve been negligent regarding posting summaries of the new C&C campaign, so here’s a twofer.   John took the GM reins and so the party found themselves on the shore of a small island in John’s archipelago. The local head man, King Cornelius, has a problem.  Every year the king has to read a scroll that will ensure that the island’s water supply is intact.  If it is not read, the wells begin to dry up and the vegetation withers and things get tough all over.  So Cornelius’ good-for-nothing son Caniferous has been messing with the nearby ruins of the Ancients (who wrote the original scroll and built a now ruined city on the island), and trying to recover the lore of the “dragonlords.”  Strange lights and mysterious happenings have been surrounding his investigations, and recently he stole the scroll for use in his research, which apparently had gone terribly awry, as a dragon attacked the village and wiped out many of the inhabitants.  So now the king needs the party to recover the scroll (he’s due to read it in three days).  We are offered all the loot we carry away from the ruins, and the hand of the king’s daughter if any PC wants to stay on the island to become the heir apparent … Carniferous’ hijinks have convinced the king that he is not a suitable heir.

So the party set out (Lews the fighter, Lacklin the rogue, Mr. Magic the gnome wizard/rogue, Bradford the cleric, Volrath the barbarian, and Grimm the half-orc ranger). 

The party wandered up the hill, led by the ranger on point, who stumbled onto a herd of wild boar.  The terrain was a maze of ruins, which John very nicely simulated with a series of geomorphic tiles.  The ruins were mostly 10′ tall wall segments, so Grimm scrambled up on top of one when the boars charged.  The party defeated the boars but took some goring and had to stop to heal up.  Mr. Magic had a Rope Trick spell prepared so this was the first of many fight/heal up/rememorize sequences we would come to rely on to get through the encounters. (We had house-ruled that spell rememorization would need only the memorization time, and not the full night’s sleep, to accomplish, which makes spell casters MUCH more useful.)

We proceeded to encounter a roost of harpies, a carnivorous tree of some sort, and finally a roost of gargoyles.  The gargoyles mauled the party badly, and it was again the Rope Trick that saved the party’s bacon.  The party mostly hid inside it, and used the respite to rememorize invisibility and healing spells, so that by the time the spell wore off, the party was entirely invisible and able to sneak past the dormant gargoyles and flee back to the village.

Thus ended the first session; session two we were down one player (the cleric) and things got off to a slow, late start due to the weather, and involved a prolonged discussion of how to handle the gargoyles, and my suggestion that we bypass them was voted down out of fear that we may encounter them again on our way back down the hill.  Relying on Mr. Magic’s web spells, we defeated the gargoyles in another close fight, and then encountered a ‘Twisted Mystic’ and his mercenaries and undead servants.  One of the mercenaries surrendered to the party, and after a prolonged dispute about whether to hire him and for what fee, he joined the party as a hireling.  These we defeated too, and finally we reached the top of the hill and found a blue dragon.

Granted he was pretty small, but for a party of third and level PCs, we were crazy to go for a straight-up fight.  Bob the mercenary refused to face a dragon and so we had him stay back.  By the time we prepped with invisibility all around (thanks again, Mr. Magic and his Rope Trick) the dragon was no longer in his lair.  So we recklessly began looting, and of course the wyrm returned (remnants of the mercenary hirelings still dangling from his jaws). 

I very nearly got my ranger and Mr. Magic killed by bravely interposing my ranger between the wizard and the dragon, which made us too tempting a target for his breath weapon.  This put Mr. Magic out of it (Death & Dismemberment roll: knocked out) and brought my Ranger to a handful of HP, but by spending pretty much all of our ‘fate points,’ we squeaked through.  My ranger was ‘fatally wounded’ according to the Death & Dismemberment chart, but fortunately we found a few healing potions and my PC lived.  No one lese had to roll on the D&D table, so we did pretty well.

The slain dragon transformed into the missing prince, and we made it out with a ridiculously big haul.  The adventure was a real challenge, as John rolled up all the encounters randomly but got a lot of high rolls for # appearing and hit points, and of course the magic-using dragon (who never got a chance to cast a spell but his physical attacks were plenty).  Next week John, Tom and Chad will all be missing, so I will run Out where the buses don’t run as a one-shot, if Matt, Marc, and Richard are game.

<corrections added in red>

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  1. Aww Volrath’s feelings are hurt that the flea ridden Grimm didn’t remember his name. Even after they battled the Ugluk Ogres together.

    Nice summary though Mike. You remembered a lot more details than I did in mine.

    I wish I was in town next week to do the One Shot adventure. That actually sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Always great to read your session results!

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