C&C 5DMs sessions 4 & 5

Man, am I behind, even though we’ve only been gaming every other week lately.

Tom’s “island” is Minos, a land ruled by the Sea Elf lord also named Minos.  He is said to be immortal, and no living elf remembers his predecessor, if there was one.  The sea elves rule their island as idle decadents, supported by an army of orcs bred as slaves and soldiers, and living off the lucrative “trade agreements” they have with all shipping in the area, as well the profits from their luxury goods and magical items.  Minos has converted the underground breeding pits of the orcs into a sort of entertainment for his subjects.  He’s built a coliseum over an entrance to the pits, and they now house monsters (some of which are said to be his children).  Prisoners and rebels are thrown into the pits and their demise at the hands of the monsters of the pit are watched on floating crystal balls.  Some adventurers also venture into the pits, seeking to recover the treasures there and possibly win the hand of Minos’ beautiful daughter. 

Our party learned of one adventurer who found a way out of the pits and had a partial map.  Although he had long ago disappeared, a friend of his told us the secret.   His secret exit is a magical ritual that allows one make a set of “rings of recall” which can transport the wearer back to the altar used to create the rings.  The altar was hidden in a fort overlooking the sea on one cliff face of the isle, and our party attempted to enter the fort by having the barbarian Volrath use a potion of flying and carry us all to an entrance.  Rather disastrously, while in flight the barbarian and most of the rest of the party were mesmerized by a siren, who drew us into her lair below the fort.  My ranger and the rogue were the only ones to resist her charm, and it was hard-fought battle to defeat the siren and her mermaid minions.  My character was very nearly drowned by the mermaids, and the siren used a javelin of lightning to bring us all close to death, but in the end we defeated her.   In her lair we discovered the remains of the adventurer who had found the way out of the pit, who had apparently lived out his life worshipping the siren.

We rested up and used our remaining potion of flight to enter the tower, and defeated the orcs inside.  Then we created our rings and went off to the city Minos to enter the labyrinth (pits).  We ended the session at the coliseum.  First we saw a troop of rebel orcs lowered in on a platform, only to be ripped apart by a swarm of ghouls within seconds.  Then we took our place on the platform to be lowered.

The next session we were down two players, Chad & John.  Chad had left Volrath’s character sheet behind, so we NPCed him, but since we did not find John’s PC sheet, he mysteriously disappeared as we were lowered in.

Battling the ghouls nearly ended in a TPK.  Volrath selflessly leapt down to create an opening in their ranks so we could try to break through, but the plan fell apart quickly as a ghoul pushed him into a hole under the still lowering platform, cutting him off from the battle, and Lews the fighter stood his ground, fighting the ghouls.  My ranger stuck to the plan,  forcing his way through the ghouls toward a hallway which offered the meager respite of providing a bottleneck to reduce the ghouls’ numerical superiority, but the rest of the party was trapped on, below, or above the platform (Lacklin the rogue climbed up the chains that were lowering the platform).  Things looked mighty grim when the fighter was paralyzed, but just in the nick of time our new player, Aaron, was thrown in to the game.  He is running a cleric –the universal choice of new players in existing campaigns for some reason 🙂

His cleric turned some of the ghouls and we were able to rescue Volrath and drag the paralyzed fighter to the comparative safety of the dark room the cleric had been hiding in (his party had been killed by the ghouls eariler). 

From there we began exploring very carefully, killing a few stray ghouls here and there and eventually running into some orcs and demihumans who have been living in the labyrinth in a small, secured area which still had access to a food supply from the days when this was a breeding pit. After a brief clash, we made a truce and made off to explore more of the dungeon.  The orcs warned us of “ghast lords” ruling the other parts of the labyrinth, and also about a giant snake that lived in the room the cleric had been hiding in.

We decided to explore a part of the dungeon that had been a the kitchen and mess hall, because the map we had indicated there was a well and we were worried about water supplies. We fought more ghouls (again a close fight as the fighter types succumbed to paralysis), and then found the well.  Our NPCed barbarian dropped a barrel of stagnant water down the well, slaying a troll of some kind that had been hiding in it (we heard his breathing down below).  50 gallons x 8 pounds per gallon = 400 pounds … x a 60 foot fall = creamed troll. Huzzah!  We burned him “to the waterline” with oil and collected our first haul.  Nice. 

Then we turned our attention to a door that was cold to the touch, but labeled the “ice room” on our map, so we figured it was the fridge.  We opened the door to find a swirling mass of vaguely humanoid shadows, and ended the session with another cliffhanger.

Tom has used cliffhangers before occasionally as a DM but both of these were really well done — we were left facing an unknown foe with unknown powers (the ghouls looked like ‘fast zombies’ from modern horror movies and while I hope these new guys are just Shadows, who knows what they are).

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  1. I had to do the math on that. A 400lb barrel of water falling 60ft would have an foot-pound impact of over 200tons. Yeah, that’s one creamed troll. Sounds like a damned fine game!

  2. I am glad to see you guys did get a game in last week. Also happy to see you did a write up on it so I am still in the loop. Lastly, I was pleased to see leaving Volrath’s character sheet behind helped out!

    Looking forward to playing next week hopefully!

  3. If I still remember my freshman physics its
    Kp=mgh=400×60=24,000 ft-lbs 12 tons, still a lot
    A common problem with the English system is that slugs, not lbs is the unit for mass… to find how many slugs something is you divide by g

    I am not condensing, just an engineer…

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