Walking through doors makes you forget things. No, really, that’s just science.

Here’s some things that magic doorways can do in your gonzo funhouse dungeon.

  1. Portal of Forgetfulness. Spellcasters lose one memorized spell; non-spellcasters  forget what they were doing and end their move a step or two through the doorway.
  2. Portal of Rage. Attack any enemy in sight; roll vs. WIS to recognize allies if no enemies are in sight.
  3. Portal of the Mirror. Left/right reversal of character and all possessions, as the character is now his/her mirror image.  This may mess up your books and scrolls, people who know you well will think there is something weird about how you look now.
  4. Portable Portal. If taken off its hinges, this door can be placed on any solid surface and act as a portal to whatever is on the other side.
  5. Portal of Years. Crossing the threshold moves one forward or backward in time.  User disappears…
  6. Portal of Years (ver.2) Crossing the threshold adds or subtracts one year from age. May not be apparent until after a number of crossings.
  7. Portal of Tears. Overcome with intense sadness lasting d6 turns, unable to do anything useful, save to snap out of it if attacked.
  8. Portal of Penury. Gold turns to copper; gems turn to common rocks.
  9. Doors of Perception. Senses rearranged or completely changed.  For example the user might lose normal vision and see only in another wavelength or manner (infrared, ultraviolet, x-ray, black and white, etc.); or hear scents, see sounds, taste colors, etc.
  10. Revolving Door. Passing through the door has a 50% chance of sending the user back out the way he came in.
  11. Door of No Return. There simply is no way back through this door.  Once passed through, the door way is gone.
  12. Door of Hope. User healed. Unfortunately the wounds/disease return if you go back out through this portal.
  13. Door of Transmutation.  Skin becomes transparent, or changes color; hair falls out or grows luxuriously; etc.  Roll on the mutation table in Realms of Chaos if you have it; if not just make something up.
  14. Doors of Evasion. A set of doors which randomly connect, such that passing through one doorway might lead to any of a number other doorways, with no rhyme or reason; possibly these doors are all arranged to open into one hallway or chamber.
  15. Distorting Door.  Moving through this door shrinks you down to 1/12 size.  The hallway/room on the other side of the door is to scale.  But just looking through the doorway, you’d think nothing funny was going on.
  16. Door of Remembrance.  OMG, you were something else in another life.  Roll on the Reincarnation table (per the spell — or just roll on a wandering monster table appropriate to your level) to see what you were.  You will gain some memories, and maybe a language!
  17. Portal of Doom. You see a premonition of your own demise. Penalty to saves/checks until you die, have the curse lifted, etc.
  18. Portal of Transmigration. Oh crap, mind switched with that of the last of user of the door.  If this is the first time someone has used the door, no effect, but as DM I’d roll a wandering monster to see what you switch with..
  19. Portal of Recall.  Whatever you are doing when you pass through the door, the next time you do it, you will be teleported back to this doorway.  Talking, running, gesturing, … if you just walk through normally, there is no effect.
  20. Bergeron Portal.  Lose one point from your highest stat, which is transferred to the PC with the lowest number on that stat.  There’s your freaking balance, crybaby!

The effects of some doors and portals can be reversed by walking backwards through them, or by other means.  Maybe.

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  1. great. I love the door of hope and 20.

  2. Fun!

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