The Panopticon bestiary

A silly theme for eye-monsters for the “Panopticon” dungeon I described earlier has really inspired me lately.  I don’t know if I’ll use it in Telengard, but making or modifying the minis is fun.

<update: all have appeared at various times in the Telengard campaign, and also in my OPD 2012 entry!>

Anyway I already have some beholders and cyclopes; why not add a few lower-level minions?

Here’s a preview of some of the more common monsters in the Panopticon, along with a very photogenic cyclops:

Lookin' kind of rough for the paladin.

Hawkwind’s “The watcher” (sung by Lemmy Kilmister, and later covered by his band Motörhead too) helps set the mood.

We are looking in on you now
What do you think you can do now
You’re very small from way out here
The last thing you will feel is fear
I gave you the chance to do the right thing
I gave you the chance to do the bright thing
Now our sense is all disgusted
Re-affirm you can’t be trusted
A world imprisoned screams with pain
There are no leaders you can blame
Your avarice has destroyed your sphere
And there’s no room for you out here
This is the end now. This is the end now. This is the end now.


No. appearing: 2d6 (10-40); HD: 3; AC: 15 [6]; Attack: weapon (d10), horn (d8) or grapple; Move: 9″; Save: as F3

These brutes serve as guards and thugs.  They attack with large weapons, although some have a single rhino-like horn they can use in melee ( and charge for double damage).  They sometimes attempt to mob and grapple victims in order to capture and carry them off.


No. appearing: 2d4; HD 1/4; AC 18 [2]; attack: gaze; Move: 24″ (fly); Save: as MU1

These look like large bats with a single eye dominating the entire head. Anyone caught in their critical gaze must save vs. Petrification (or Will) or act at -1 on everything requiring a roll (to-hit, saves, ability checks or skills, etc.).  The effect is broken if eyebat is slain, line of sight is broken, or the eyebat shifts its gaze to another target.

Flying Eyes (Watchers)

No. Appearing: d4; HD 3+; AC: 16 [5]; Attack: special; Move: 24″ (fly); Save: As MU

Flying eyes, or “Watchers,” are large disembodied eyes with feathery grey or bat-like black wings, often trailing a long, red, slimy tail. They attack with one gaze attack per round, and each Watcher’s gaze attack is randomly determined (roll a d10: 1. petrify; 2. sleep; 3. slow; 4. charm; 5. silence; 6. fear; 7. telekinesis; 8. heat metal; 9. cause serious wounds; 10. feeblemind).

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  1. It’s like some poor paladin got stuck on the Isle of Saturday Afternoon Monster Movies!

  2. Love the flying eyeball and the optic-bat (bat with a crystal ball for a head?) or whatever that thing might be…

    • Thanks, I’ll post a little more on them later!

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