The eyes have it

These will haunt the Panopticon.  One idea is give them a stunning gaze; another is to make each one have the power of one of a beholder’s eyes.  Not sure how I’ll do this.  I like the idea of flying eyes that can’t actually harm you on their own, but I also like the idea of, say, eleven of these creeps, each with the power of one of a beholder’s eyes, collectively comprising the big bad of a dungeon, adventure, or even a campaign.   It would be a nasty surprise if the party assumes that the power of the first one they encounter is the only thing these things do, and then later they find out they’re all different.  (The ‘traditional’ beholder eye rays: disintegrate objects, transmute flesh to stone, cause sleep, slow the motion of objects or beings, charm animals, charm humans, cause death, induce fear, levitate objects, and inflict serious wounds; plus the central eye does an anti-magic cone).   Maybe 11 need to assemble, like Anime robots, into a giant beholder… or maybe all flying eyes just roll for their special ray…They are made from some old wet-set clay I had laying around; the wings are from rubber monsters I got on clearance at a party supply store.

They’re pretty big — the bases are 40×40 mm, the size I use for “large” creatures like trolls.

Their asses.  I considered adding an “optic nerve” tail but was too lazy.  Maybe the next batch will have tails.

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  1. Love the minis and the concept!

    The AD&D Beholder is Lawful Evil and of Exceptional intelligence… why couldn’t they be magic users with an active lab? They certainly have the means to enslave plenty of assistants…

  2. Yes. Very cool… and fun!

    I know you’ve already painted them with blue irises, but if the color of the iris is changed/different, it might determine which beholder power each one possesses. (e.g., blue=sleep; grey=disintegration; etc.)

    • Considering I spent about 3 minutes painting each one, I can very readily change eye colors. Good idea!

  3. Sweet minis, Mike!

    These things remind me of Flygars from the old Archive Star Rovers line. Cool idea!

  4. These are awesome minis. I may have to “borrow” the idea and make a few myself for my adventure games, if that’s alright with you of course.

    • You don’t need my permission to make eyeballs and give ’em wings like God intended…

  5. Freaky. The wings are like fallen eyebrows.

    Just an idea but if you photograph two of them, adjust the orientation just so and put a snake below and between them you may have a disturbing secret face on your hands. PLace a hat behind them in the background but seemingly above them and you’ll give people nightmares and they won’t know why.

  6. […] Inside they fought a variety of monsters.  The old courtroom had a jury of eight cyclopskin, a flying eye prosecutor, and a half-blind beholder as judge.  A well placed sonic blast spell by the cleric, who used his […]

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