Telengard 2, session 4: Hall of the Goblin Lord

Last week the party began exploring this One Page Dungeon, and this time they completed it.  In fact, the entire session was taken up with re-entering the hall (the goblins had hired some orcs to help guard the hall — they could only get five on such short notice, and frankly they were no substitute for the ogre!), rescuing the girl, and discovering and clearing the cultists.

The elf who died last time was not replaced, as that player had some parenting duties and couldn’t make the game, and the cleric player was also absent, but Chad was back with his bard so this time the party was just four characters and decided to hire some ‘meat shields’.  They hired and equipped five men-at-arms with leather and spears, and used them as support troops rather than callously throw them into the meatgrinder of melee by themselves.  With the spearmen fighting from the back rank, the party did very well, and managed to defeat all their foes, although in the final assault on the cultists, the paladin and two man-at-arms were downed and one man-at-arms was killed (actually he just bled out while the party discussed their next move).

The OPD had a good mix of exploration and combat, and while there was a lot of treasure, the challenge was very high for 1st level PCs too.

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  1. Even though we had trouble focusing on the game at times last night I have to admit it was a fun session. There wasn’t much inner party debating on what to do. There were a couple of debates but for the most part we all seemed to agree on actions or at the least supported one another and worked our way through the dungeon cautiously.

    I have to admit I had a LOT of fun with my bard last night too. This is really the first character I’ve ever played that was not an in your face kind of class. It was nice having some chances to use my skills and still feel some what functional in combat from time to time. Its a big change for me but its been fun so far. The last session I played I was still getting too much into my old ways and getting too up close and personal with the enemy. The result was dropping to the ground a time or two that night. This time I hung back and just acted as a support role and things were much better.

    I really think this class (regardless how long he ends up living) is helping to open my mind to other non-fighter type classes.

    The OPD was cool too. I missed last session so I don’t know what everything was like on the initial entry but I liked the mix of things in it last night without it being a huge dungeon. I liked the little twists such as the different color goblins and the secret passage that would allow someone to pass from one barred side of the dungeon to the other if they knew about it.

    My bard will definitely have some tales to tell about that adventure… especially the God Mace now handing from his hip!

  2. Your link to the OPD is broken. I’m very curious as to what OPD it was.

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