Telengard 2, session 6

At the end of last session, some carousing led to Mazrin, the half-orc assassin, being turned into a swine, and Grundle the dwarf had a quest (Geas) imposed on him by the gods!  Indeed Mazrin had had a quest imposed the previous session, and I’d totally forgot about it.  Doh.  So anyway the quests were both the same thing: take care of the monster-breeding hole in the old town plaza.  Not exactly subtle but it got them to the dungeon I’d prepared or the prior session.  They had also heard earlier that a green comet had crashed into that part of town a few weeks prior.
They found that a crater, which emitted a green fog, was right in the middle of the old town center.  Carefully scouting it out, Dell (the rogue) and Mazrin saw a pair of green, crustacean-like humanoids emerge. The rest of the party joined in, firing missiles and then charging. The creatures fired lasers from their eyes and struck wildly with their claws but the party took them out without a scratch.
The party then descended into the pit, discovering a weird eel-like larvae growing in the bottom of the crater; there was also a hole leading into the underworld.  In the underworld, the party panicked when they saw a crown and sword floating along in a chamber.  The paladin tried turning undead, and the dwarf cowered in the back, decrying his lack of a magical weapon.  The barbarian tossed a torch at, which bounced off something a few feet in front of the ghost!  But the bard’s arrow struck home, and floated along at chest level in the ghost.  By now the party was growing more confident, and the barbarian charged the thing — only to stopped short and paralyzed.  He’d run into a Gelatinous Cube! (Muhuwahaha!)
Eventually the party defeated it, and did  a little exploring while the barbarian recovered from the paralysis.  Deeper in the dungeon they fought an ogre, and slew it handily; a group of chaos warriors gave them more trouble.  They also discovered an old statue of an elf, labelled “Sparky”.
From there the rouge and assassin scouted ahead and stumbled into a pair of cultists, one of whom cast Sleep, putting them both down.  By the time the rest of the party decided to check on the scouts, they were tied up and being carried off.  The cultists covered their retreat with a Web spell, and a furious and frantic chase ensued, the party a bit behind, the cultists bearing off the two helpless scouts. They lead the party past a chamber with two pools and a statue, and up to an ‘orgy room’ (at this point some of the players — not the scouts’ players — were hoping to find the cultists and scouts in a ‘Pulp Fiction situation’ … nice).  The finally caught up with the cultists in a chamber piled with bones, which assembled themselves into a horde of skeletons.
Somehow the party smashed through the skeletons and cultists, and the scouts were saved.  Then they noticed a ladder leading further down, the opening issuing more green fog…surely getting near the goal of the quest!
Down the ladder they found a large chamber with a cauldron that was spewing out fog and a new monster every round!  Six beastmen of various types were waiting for them.  The combat was tough but the party was victorious.  They decided to take their leave then, as they were wounded and resources depleted.  Aside from gold and valuables, the party made off with a +1 shield, a ring of feather falling, and the Mask of the Fox — literally a mask that turns you into a fox.  Dell the rogue got it, and used it back in town to gather rumors.  As the rest of the party was shopping, carousing, etc., he slunk off to gather rumors.  This is what he heard and saw:
  • Some unemployed henchmen are picketing the Adventurers’ Guild in protest of ‘callous and inhuman treatment at the hands of adventurers’.
  • Two merchants discuss the green comets over turtle soup at the well-regarded cafe, “Ye Turtles All the Way Down.” One says he heard that there were three that landed, one in the plaza, one outside town, and one crashed into Mt. Telengard.  The other says the last green comet was sighted hundreds of years ago.  Neither believes the other.
  • You overhear a very bawdy, very funny ballad about an underhung Hobgoblin named “Swinglow.”
  • “The sewers are overrun with stinking kobolds. Thousands of them.”
  • Two sinister looking men at The Five Alewives’ Stead, a dumpy bar, discuss moving some statues “out of the hole,” and that they need to do it “or else Master Argos will be angry.”
  • The workers rebuilding a ruined chapel that was recently “cleared” by the adventurers refuse to continue, saying they’ve seen walking skeletons who demand a pot of gold.
  • A guard tells his wife he fears he’ll be out of work soon, once the Mayor hires “those monsters”.
  • “You can buy many magical things at the Goblin Market, at a very good price.”
  • A merchant says he can’t get any honey from the apiary outside Puddington anymore, and the beekeepers drove him away angrily — in fact he was afraid of them.
  • “The cathedral of Odin? It’s an evil, dangerous place. A fire giant holds court there now.”

The dungeon map was posted a while back byDyson, and I’ll post my key if/when the party finishes exploring it.

The rumor thing actually came up after the session.  Dell’s player asked if his character could sneak around in the foxmask gathering rumors, and it gave me a great opportunity to dump hooks on the party. Win-win.

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