Telengard 2, session 7

The last session was a lot of fun.  The players finished exploring last week’s dungeon (missing a few things I hoped they’d find, and some treasure, but that’s OK) and then girded themselves to take on the Cathedral of Odin.

In the dungeon, they encountered a little bit of weirdness (an inscrutable machine and a room filled with steel ticks) and some fights (a wandering ogre who provided a running commentary of self-affirmations, and a minotaur and his goat-man minions, whose lair was so befouled with dung that party did not even bother searching for treasure).  They skipped giving a detailed examination to a room they’d rushed through last time (pursuing the cultists who’d kidnapped the scouts), and there were a few treasures they didn’t recognize or find last time, but in terms of monster extermination, the dungeon was done.  They even rescued some townsfolk who were held prisoner there.

The rogue had heard a rumor that the Cathedral was held by a fire giant, but the party decided that this might not be true, and sent the rogue and assassin to scout ahead.

They had to climb up to the roof to get a look inside, as the windows and stained glass were all bricked over, but the bell tower was unfortified.  Sneaking down the tower with the Mask of the Fox, Dell saw a number of oddities, but no fire giant.  The pews were filled with chanting cultists and townsfolk.  Dell managed to make his save and avoid joining them in the endless chant.  He also saw a giant flying eyeball, roosting with five cyclopskin in the choir loft, a large bank of fog in the center of the cathedral’s gallery, and small swarm of flying skulls zipping about the front of the church.  When he reported back on all this, the party began to formulate a cunning plan which could not fail. Nah.  Actually they came up with an unbelievably half-baked plan which involved sending the assassin to kill the eyeball, and while the paladin, dwarf, and barbarian charged in the front doors on warhorses (and a warpony for the dwarf).

On the one hand I was kind of awestruck by the sheer audacity of the whole plan.  On the other I deeply sympathized with one of the players who was shaking his head, almost wincing, at how foolhardy the plan sounded…not least because the party had no idea what was up at the altar and in the fog bank, if anything.  The assassin’s plan was basically to assassinate the eyeball and then fight FIVE CYCLOPSKIN.  Basically alone (the rogue would provide cover with his crossbow).

But the party took the precaution of stuffing their ears with wool, to muffle the chanting.  The Ladyhawke-style use of warhorses indoors was cool as hell, and I decided not to make their horses slip-slide all over the place, as they probably should on smooth marble floors.

The whole encounter was huge rolling melee that consumed a good hour or so.  There were several roars of laughter, bad decisions that didn’t quite get anyone killed, strategic uses of the d30 and shield-splintering rule that saved one PC’s bacon, and the paladin, who spent most of the dungeon cowering providing archery support, got all Lancelot on the monsters, making the most of his lance and warhorse.  So it was a lot of fun.


The mask of the fox (magic item)

A small fox-skin mask which covers the eyes and nose and is tied by a bit of leather, it turns the wearer into a fox — they their keep original Int and HP but other stats are changed:
AC15, Move 18″, 1 bite for d2 damage, Heightened senses like a thief to 90′.*  A fox has the following skills**: Hide and move silently +12, listen and track +10, climb and jump +6.
All your gear changes too, but you cannot remove the mask yourself; someone else must take it off.***




*In my games, rogues and assassins can ‘see’ up to 40′ in the dark, provided they are moving silently and no non-stealthy types are within 120′, because they rely on their other hearing, smell, etc. to sense movement.  This rule was basically adopted to make thieves effective at scouting in dungeons.

**Skill rolls are generally d20 target 18, possibly higher targets for extreme situations.

***The alternate limitations I’d toyed with but rejected were: you may forget you are human and become, effectively, an actual fox (like a Polymorph Other spell); the mask is obvious even in fox form and you are obviously not a normal fox, if seen; you also have a fox’s HP (ouch!); can only be removed after 4, 8, or 12 hours of wear.

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