Great moments in the history of religion

Here’s series of DBA camps (the DBA rules require that most armies include a scenic camp, representing baggage, camp followers, etc. and which can be attacked by the other side) I made about six or seven years ago.  The latest is the MesoAmerican temple, which I made in 2005 or 2006 .  It is really only in hindsight that they share a theme … torture and mayhem in the service of gods.

Chronologically, then, we have:

The golden bull — a very oblique reference to Baal, and the Biblical ‘golden calf,’ no literal violence here but still it has a sort of religious theme.  The seated chap is from a reissued Atlantic ‘Greek civilians’ set, with his head swapped from an Atlantic Egyptian.  The serving girl is also from that set.  The bull is from the Atlantic ‘Stampede’ set.  The base for the bull is a crypt from my Dark Tower game (when the tower stopped working, I tossed it and most of the set, and kept only the plastic pieces for scraps…wish I knew then that the tower is repairable!)  The camp followers are from the Airfix ‘Robin Hood’ set.

Here’s a Greek temple, complete with oracular use of a lamb.  The figures are all Atlantic Greeks.  The two statues are a Grenadier Amazon and a Zvedza Greek.  They are standing on spools from thread, and the columns are from cake decorating supplies.

Here’s the sacrificial victim in detail.

Crucifixion. My original idea was to line a road with crucifixes, to represent the aftermath of a Spartican revolt, but then I realized everyone would assume it’s Golgotha anyway.  The Romans are Airfix  The victims came very cheaply at a religious supplies store. I may smoke a turd in Hell for that one.

Mayan festivities. The centerpiece is a little copy of an altar I bought at Chitzen Itza, and the temple is a very crude representation, but it was fun to do.

The priests are an ESCI Zulu and another Atlantic Greek; the victims are Zulus and an ESCI ‘Barbarian’.  The Coatl is a Grenadier model.

Crusader camp. Simple.  The tent and chest are from Weapons & Warriors sets. The cross and palisades are toothpicks.

A ‘northern’ crusade scene — perhaps the victims are Wends, Lithuanians, or Estonians.  I could swap out the Teutonic Knights and call the victims witches, Cathars, or Albigensians too I guess.  The guards are a Zvedza Russian and two Italieri Crusaders.  The priest is Friar Tuck from the Airfix Robin Hood set.  The victims are all Atlantic Greeks.

I am not so into the wargaming any more, but I had plans at one point to do a Hittite camp (depicting the ritualistic marching of the army between a bisected dog, goat, and man, which they apparently did to exorcise a defeated army), a Hebrew camp illustrating choice atrocities (there are plenty to chose from!), the cannibals of Ma’arra, Charlemange ‘converting’ some Saxons, Vikings ‘looting’ a monastery, and similar, but decided it was getting a little too morbid.  I’d still like to do a Hussite camp with the drum made of Jan Hus’ skin, but they have so many wagons in the army they don’t actually need a camp.

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  1. Wow. Amazing camps! Makes me nostalgic for DBA. Such a great little game.

    • Thanks! I don’t really play wargames much any more either but when I do, I play DBA!

  2. Now I want to play DBA again. No not really.but that is cool stuff

    • thanks!

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