A bumper crop of chinch bugs!

"chich bugs" -- actually cicada shells

Yeah, I know they’re actually cicadas, but my mom always called them chinch bugs when she was little and it rubbed off on me.  The real chinch bugs are pretty uninteresting unless you’re into landscaping.

I’ve had this quixotic idea about somehow getting them to be more durable…maybe soaking them in glue, or coating them with superglue, or multiple coats of gesso.  I’d love to figure out a way to fill them completely with thick PVA glue, but it seems impractical.  They look so alien and almost intelligent.  I could even attach weapons and shields to the claws of some of them.  Any ideas about how this could work?  I did see one suggestion to use hot glue but I’m not very experienced with that…

chinch bug attack!

Chinch bugs hatch from eggs laid underground (especially dungeons which have plentiful decaying material).  After 5-6 weeks te eggs hatch into grubs which are easily mistaken for rot grubs, but which can grow to 5 feet in length, after up to five years of foraging.  They then metamorphose into insectoid creatures.  The molt several times, leaving behind shells which are also animate (probably due to ambient magic in the dungeon environment).

Chinch bugs:

MV 12″, AC 16, HD 4, dmg d8/d8 (claws), SV: F3, Ml. 8

Chinch bugs are scavengers which will attack only if cornered or starving, preferring to feed on decaying matter.

Chinch bug shells:

MV 12″, AC 16, HD 3, dmg d8/d8 (claws), SV: F3, Ml. 8, special: translucent, brittle

These dungeon scavengers will attack adventurers if threatened, hungry, or if they obtain surprise.  Being basically hollow chitinous shells, they are hard to see in low light and surprise on a 1-3 on d6.  They are also terribly brittle and blunt weapons do double damage to them.  If slain by blunt trauma, a chinch bug shatters, causing d6 damage to any in melee (save vs. paralysis/reflexes for half).

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