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So I haven’t been posting session recaps for a while; just been too busy, and then no gaming most of December, and so on. The party has been wrecking stuff big time, and last session they thought they might be going after a big baddie — a mind flayer that they accidentally freed from a dungeon many sessions ago, and who has been seen in visions riding a purple worm, brandishing a flaming sword, and leading an army of mindless slaves.  (They have pretty much surmised that they did not get him after all, but they did manage to disintegrate one mind flayer and slay two young purple worms!)

My daughter always asks for recaps of sessions and I try to explain things in less disturbing and less violent terms.  When I described the mind flayer on the worm, she asked for a sketch and here is my childish effort:

villainShe looked at it and said, “Huh. I thought the worm was on top…” and she made this sketch:


Holy crap — a purple worm riding a giant mind flayer is way better. (Actually, I think it’s a worm riding Bob the Angry Flower…)

The figure below the mind-flayer-riding worm is, she said, a monster that is part bear, part frog, part troll, and part spider.  The belly is a turtle shell.

I encouraged her to draw more monsters for me and she really got into it for a while. Here are a few more:

meowyClockwise from left: an octopus-headed creature (incomplete), a devil, and another devil which she decided was dressed as a cat (or was a cat dressed as a devil), hence the “Meowy!”

moonmonsSome moon-monsters.  I think she called them deedle-bugs.

spacersSome outerspace monsters.  She asked me very seriously to see a model skull on the bookshelf so she could draw the first one (with two ghosts coming out of it); the two in the middle are actually planets that are monsters; not sure about the last one.

gnomebeeLeft to right, a pinwheel-fish monster; a part gnome, part bee monster (she pointed out he has no arms but does have a bag of jewels under the right wings); and a monster that is part butterfly, part frog, and part devil, I think.

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  1. Worm on top, hah! Very creative. Tell her they’re great!

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