Some more new monsters

Haven’t been posting any session recaps lately but will try to get some player’s session summaries up soon — the bard player in particular has been doing a bang-up job writing up cool stuff.  Anyway for the benefit of DMs, here’s the roster of monsters the party fought last time in a castle in the dreamlands (lots of bugbears too but they were normal bugbears):

Tentacled wings — a humanoid monstrosity, arms replaced by giant  bat wings and head replaced by a bouquet of tentacles.  I must have gotten the idea from Lovecraft but nothing springs to mind as the immediate source — they are not Old Ones or Night Gaunts, perhaps my confused conflation of the two.  Anyway they fly, and attack with their tentacles which, if they hit, latch on and do d8 per round.  4 HD, AC 15.

Composite rats — Massive rats about the size of a small cow, with enormous maws that do 2d6 damage on a bite, and spread disease (Fort save 1 week after being bitten; fail = random disease).  HD 4, AC 14.  Each time they are hit, they split — first into two rats the size of mastiffs, and then into four cat-sized giant rats.  These smaller forms retain 4HD for attack purposes and 2d6 damage!  If hit in the smaller giant rat form, the next division turns them into a swarm of regular mice, no attacks, they just scurry away.  Don’t bother tracking HP — each hit just divides them, so basically you need to make 11 successful attacks to get rid of one! Or use area-effect spells.  The massive bite damage really stung them too.  I like these because they are in reality getting tougher as the fight progresses rather than weaker (more attacks).  One player had the idea to stop them splitting by trying to wrestle and snap the neck of a mastiff sized rat and I would have allowed that to work if he’d been able to hit the thing with his grapple attack.

The Matryoshka doll boss — I guess this could be any series of monsters, but the idea is the first ‘layer’ looks like it is just a leader of lesser humanoids, but kill it, and the thing sheds a skin to reveal a much tougher monster.  In this case we had Bugbear chief/Mind flayer with cursed sword of wounding/Type II Demon.  The cursed sword gives bearer a -2 to all saves, which made the whole encounter more survivable for 5th-6th level PCs.  When the demon started gating in more demons, things got hairy. 🙂

There are those who might think I just made up these monsters to have an excuse to use some monster figures I haven’t used lately or recently finished painting.  They would be right.  Maybe pics to follow.  And better names for them.

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