Venomous sheep (updated)

In the first battle three hundred of the men of Lochlann were killed, but in the next battle Eolgarg Mor did not fight fair, for he let some venomous sheep out of a tent, and these attacked the men of Ulster and killed nine hundred of them.
So vast was the slaughter made by these sheep and so great the terror they caused, that no one could stand before them, but by great good luck there was a wood at hand, and the men of Ulster, warriors and princes and charioteers, were forced to climb up the trees, and they roosted among the branches like great birds, while the venomous sheep ranged below bleating terribly and tearing up the ground.
Fiachna Finn was also sitting in a tree, very high up, and he was disconsolate.
“We are disgraced!” said he.
“It is very lucky,” said the man in the branch below, “that a sheep cannot climb a tree.”
“We are disgraced for ever,” said the King of Ulster.
“If those sheep learn how to climb, we are undone surely,” said the man below.
“I will go down and fight the sheep,” said Fiachna. But the others would not let the king go.
“It is not right,” they said, “that you should fight sheep.”
“Some one must fight them,” said Fiachna Finn, “but no more of my men shall die until I fight myself; for if I am fated to die, I will die and I cannot escape it, and if it is the sheep’s fate to die, then die they will; for there is no man can avoid destiny, and there is no sheep can dodge it either.”
“Praise be to god!” said the warrior that was higher up.
“Amen.” said the man who was higher than he, and the rest of the warriors wished good luck to the king.
He started then to climb down the tree with a heavy heart, but while he hung from the last branch and was about to let go, he noticed a tall warrior walking towards him. The king pulled himself up on the branch again and sat dangle-legged on it to see what the warrior would do.
The stranger was a very tall man, dressed in a green cloak with a silver brooch at the shoulder. He had a golden band about his hair and golden sandals on his feet, and he was laughing heartily at the plight of the men of Ireland.
–from Mongan’s frenzy, an Irish legend
full text here:
If that’s not awesome, dunno what is.  And yet everyone makes fun of the “venomous sheep” entry in the bestiary of Fantasy Wargaming by Bruce Galloway.
In my Telengard game, the players rescued a halfling town besieged by ghouls and what they thought might be venomous sheep (but were just variant spidergoats).
While the venomous sheep in “Morgan’s frenzy” sound a bit like the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, I think they should actually be bit more subtle.  Not a secret weapon to unleash on the battlefield, but creeping menace that might destroy a village or two before anyone realizes what is happening.
So while my spidergoats were venomous in the sense that they bite you (causing a deep sleep that lets them consume you without waking up), venomous sheep would actually be toxic rather than venomous — they don’t have a venomous bite, but actually release a sleep-inducing gas.  Unlike most monsters they don’t eat their victims either.  They just trample the unconscious bodies of their victims as the herd grazes around them.  Although sheep are not all that big, they have a very small footprint and the pressure their feet exert is rather huge.  My brother, a civil engineer, once mentioned that in olden times, you’d herd a flock of sheep back and forth across an area where you wanted the soil compressed (say, to build a road) and those funny-looking knobby steamroller things you see on construction sites are called sheep’s foot rollers, and used to compress the soil.
So anyone coming within a certain range, or downwind of venomous sheep will need to make a saving throw or pass out.  The murderous flock will then very slowly trample the victim to death, perhaps dealing d6 or d8 damage per turn, representing multiple stomps as sheep pass over and walk on them.  (I wouldn’t make the exact range known until a character comes close, and I’d absolutely have them prefer windy pastures with variable wind direction.)
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