Favorite playable class

I don’t know that I really have a favorite class.  I used to go for assassins or fighter/assassins in AD&D, but really I’ve probably played more fighters than anything else.  Having been mostly DM for the last few years I kind of like all the classes for different reasons.  The last character I really enjoyed playing was an illusionist.  His spells were crap, but being the spell caster meant I got all the cool magic items and I got to do most of the thinking for the party.  That illusionist probably used flaming oil, rat poison, and an auger more than spells.

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  1. Curious that you should prefer Illusionist. The gratest character I ever played was a Gnome Illusionist. This was in the campaign when I first played using the Basic D & D set. (A curious aside: our players had no understanding that the Basic (Blue Box?–the one with the Red Dragon on the front–set was one game and the PH, DMG and MM all represented Advanced D & D, a “different” game. We just all kinda thought they were just expansions of the box set) In any case, you’re right, the spells weren’t great, but he had a Vorpal Blade and I played the character all the way through the Demon Queen Lolth module.

    • I think a lot of people just mixed & matched rules back in the day. I remember Tom & I tried to incorporate stuff from a board game called “Caverns of Doom” into D&D, and also we tried to use the Rolemaster critical hits tables in D&D too…
      Anyway I picked the illusionist because no one else wanted to be a spellcaster & the illusionist had some healing spells as well as wizardy spells (still not sure how illusionary healing was supposed to work … I guess it was suggestion & bluffing like a chiropractor or something?)

  2. My favorite class and favorite race are the same: elf. Although I don’t imagine elves as the sprightly, mysterious Tolkien elves — I like to imagine them as a decadent race in decline, like Moorcock’s Melniboneans. They are dangerous (being able to both cast spells and use a fighter’s weapons) but physically weaker (d6 hitpoints) and they probably have a wierd aesthetic sense that humans and others find offputting… eating pizza with raisins, walnuts and sardines and putting mayonaise in coffee.

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