Craziest thing that ever happened in a game

<Whoops– this was for day 10?  Oh well>

This is another clown question…how do you even start.  I am sure I’ve forgotten plenty of crazy things.  I guess there are a few stories that get retold alot, but I’m not sure they would be as funny if you don’t know the people involved.

One that jumps out at me was a session where some players did not make it and the reduced party included a low level magic-user, a cleric, and a fighter.  The party was fighting some troglodytes in a cave complex and stumbled upon the trog shaman along with some of his bodyguards.  A “hold person” spell paralyzed everyone but the magic-user, who was out of spells, and somehow the magic-user managed to defeat the troglodytes in hand-to-hand with his staff.  After the fight, the other players were still “held” and the magic-user knew some more troglodytes were coming so he propped the PCs up with spears and whatnot so they’d look conscious and could “back up” his effort to intimidate the rest of the troglodytes.  It was all very funny becuase the magic-user player was just frantic and panicked the whole time, and willing to try anything.  Well, I guess it loses something in my telling, but we were all laughing…

We’ve had lots of ridiculous stuff go on though.  Another player had an assassin character who constantly screwed up his reconnaissance/spying missions by losing his cool… whenever he had to talk to an NPC he’d say completely inappropriate things, or he’d decide to report back to the group while he was supposed to be following someone.

“They went into the citadel though a secret door, carrying the statue.”

“Did they come back out? Where did they go next?”

“Oh, I don’t know, I just left when they went into the citadel…I’ll go back…”

The craziest thing to happen in the current campaign, though, was a recent session where the party basically caused panic and riots, as well as a massive fire, in a floating city of hobgoblins on the moon.  They sent the bard in to begin prophesying doom and fire, and using his bard skills and a wand of fear started a commotion — and then the other characters crashed a burning hot air balloon into a hangar of more balloons (Oh, the humanity!), and really couldn’t have created a better diversion for their commando raid on the palace, where they broke into the harem and rescued the princess! It was quite epic, even if the party did get showered with handfuls of carnivorous ape dung along the way.

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