Favorite monster, undead

Back when I first got to look inside the Monster Manual (the guys my brother & I started playing with never let us look inside the DMG and MM, rat bastards) my favorite monsters were skeletons.

I’d always been into drawing skeletons since I was a kid, and Jason & the Argonauts was one of my favorite movies, in fairly heavy rotation on UHF.  When I found the lich, I liked them a lot too — here’s the king of the damn skeletons!

Doesn’t hurt that they’re one of the tougher monsters too, with the magic use and all.

But now that I’m DMing, I find that I actually like ghouls and ghasts more.  They are terrifying with their paralyzation attack and multiple attacks.  In my current campaign, the very first session had a TPK when the party stumbled onto a ghoul.  Almost two years later, there was near-TPK (one survivor) in a series of encounters ending with a handful few ghasts.  Ghouls and ghasts in numbers are a threat to any party, at least as far as my group has gotten.  Plus I painted some nice figures for them.

ghoulsandghastsBut my players have characters around 7th level, so even ghasts are less of a challenge.  The next logical step is a wights.  I wish had more wights.


Oh wait, I might have enough…


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  1. All good options for undead, but I am also a fan of the Devourer. It is frequently overlooked.

    • Had to look that up. Very creepy. One of the better new school monsters I’ve seen!

      • Yeah, it always gave my party a good run when it was standing behind that stone door, or waiting at the bottom of a spiked, pit trap.

  2. I like skeletons, too, but hate how they’re written up and statted. I don’t think they should have the damage resistance to swords (most of a sword’s damage comes from impact rather than the cutting edge), but they also aren’t as scary as they ought to be. Skeletons should not evoke a reaction of “Oh, cool, it’s only skeletons, we can take these guys”, but rather “oh, crap! There was a skeleton and now it’s moving!”

    • Hmm, that’s a good point regarding their reduced damage. I always thought they should have a better AC and ignore arrows/bolts because they provide a much smaller target. The only game I can think of off the top of my head where skeletons are tougher than normal men is GURPS, where they are more like Jason & The Argonauts’ chthonic men — very fast and agile since they are not “slowed down” by flesh… so they get a DX bonus which makes them more skilled fighters than living humans. (It’s actually kind of a neat unlife cycle in GURPS Fantasy where zombies are strong but slow/clumsy and they eventually turn into skeletons, which are fast!)

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