Favorite abberation

Here’s where 30 day challenge gets a little less edition neutral, as some of this taxonomy of monsters is really just used in later editions.  Honestly I’ve never owned a 3e or 4e Monster Manual but I beleive an abberation is an unnatural monster in the sense that it doesn’t have a “normal” anatomy like an animal or even a chimerical monster like a griffon, but instead looks alien; some just have weird origins or abilities I guess based on the wikipedia entry.  Going by that list, I see that some of my favorite monsters are abberations.





DSC03617Mind flayers

flairs2and others all have played a role in my campaigns.  My favorite, though, has got to be the rust monster.

https://i0.wp.com/www.wizards.com/dnd/images/designdev_rustdmg.jpgThey really do fill my players with fear.  Earlier this summer there were some madcap hijinks as the party’s front line fights cowered and fled from a lone rust monster, leaving the often-maligned back line to deal with it.  Come to think of it, that adventure ended with a near TPK as the cleric, apparently despondent over the loss of his magical plate mail, walked suicidally into a hallway he knew was filled filled with yellow mold….  The most infamous and feared part of the dungeon in my campaign is surely the room with what appears to be a rust monster spawning device, which will dump a new rust monster into a large open chamber every round until someone pulls a lever on the far side of the room.    Various parties have dealt with it in different ways, perhaps the best  was sending in a naked dwarf with a club fight the rust monsters — cruel but effective.

Next campaign, rust monsters will look like baby seals.

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  1. Those are some great looking minis… especially the ‘otyugh’ ones. BTW, how do you pronounce that? ‘Oat-yoog?’ ‘Oh-tee-yug?’ ‘Ot-yah-guh?’
    I was reviewing the 30 day challenge list and I had to confess I was puzzled as to what an ‘abberation’ was. I got that it was from ‘abberant’ (which I guess means ‘weird’), so I guess monsters like the otyugh or the mind flayer fit the bill.
    I’ve often thought that a clever predator might follow rust monsters around, waiting for gangs of tasty humans to peel off their armor to attack the rust monsters with sticks and then this clever predator would swoop in to grab a naked human and bugger off witht he unfortunate adventurer whose platemail and assortment of magic longswords are stashed off down the corridor.

    • Thanks! I’m especially proud of the two ropers on the right as I made them from epoxy putty.
      I say it “Ot-yug” but then again I mispronounce a ton of words. I used to say centaur “sen-a-taur” (after minotaur maybe?) and druid “drood” (the parallel to ‘fluid’ never occurred to me) and so on. Once in a while I hit on a correct pronunciation by chance though — I always said “why-vern” even when my peers said “wi-vern”…
      Anyway I love the idea of rust monsters and some other monster living in symbiosis. I saw someone suggest kobolds (with clubs, wicker shields, and leather armor) would be natural rust-monster-keepers. I like the idea of a swarm of kobolds drawing in the fighters and then the ranks open and a team of rust-monster-wranglers drive rust monsters at the mailed fighters! But a monster that is simply clever, hungry, and fast would be cool too…

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