Tables and chairs

tables-benches-chairsThese are some items from Citadel’s old “Fantasy Specials” line (which included townspeople, a large collection of torture/bondage stuff, and various bits of furniture and dungeon dressing).  I haven’t found all that many situations where I needed to put such things on a battlemat, but you never know.  FWIW, chairs were extremely rare in actual medieval times, as were proper tables.  It would be much more usual for everyone to sit at benches, and for the table to consist of a series of boards laid across the laps of the diners.  A really important or wealthy person might have an actual permanent table.  Chairs would be rare and prized possessions reserved for the head of a household and the nobility.

I picked them up a long time ago at a convention from a guy who was selling loose miniatures of all kinds — I am pretty sure it was a “Neovention” (in Akron, Ohio).  He had all sorts of cool stuff.  I also got this bed there:

bedThis too is a Citadel “Fantasy Special”.  Beds were pretty unusual in the middle ages as well, and remained symbols of status well into the early “modern” era.  In fact I understand that even in Shakespeare’s time, a bed was a status symbol and most people kept their “best” bed on the ground floor of their home, where visitors could see it, and used a second-best bed to sleep on.  (This makes the Bard’s oft-commented upon will, which left his “second-best bed” to his wife, more understandable — the second-best bed would have been the actual matrimonial bed.)

Lastly here are some chests, which might hold treasure, or just ordinary junk, or be mimics:

chestsThe two at the ends are plastic treasure chests from a “Weapons and Warriors” pirate playset.  The one in the middle is a Grenadier model, from the AD&D “Thieves” set.  It was originally open, but a long time ago I thought it made more sense to have a model of a closed chest (also, it tended to topple very easily).  In hindsight I wish I’d left it alone, and just scratch built some closed chests, but for whatever reason I did not trust myself to do much of that even while I was converting away like mad, altering existing figures.  As it is, I filed off the “treasure” and closed the lid.

The above trivia about furniture was gleaned from Bill Bryson’s At home, a book I can’t recommend too highly.

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  1. No beds to sleep in, no chairs to sit on, trying to eat while balancing a board on the laps of a dozen people, no tobasco sauce or tomatoes, oppressive sumptuary laws and going to church every day? Man, medieval life must have SUCKED a big one.

  2. you’re a nerd man. A huiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge nerd. I bet in high school you ate nerd things and I bet right now you’re still eating nerd things. You huge gigantic humongous gargantuan massive big large infinite nerd.

    Plus those chair figures look like a massive crap! I painted one last week that looked better by far. Did you get those from a trash can outside of a seedy circle k?

    To sum it up, you suck.

    • Thanks Patrick! What did you think about the benches? Rocking, yes?

      • yeah mike those chairs are rocking if by rocking you mean they look like a massive crap!

        • Thanks!

  3. Omg I love your work!!!! I will def play at your house for my next concert I can’t wait 😀

    • Thanks, Dustin! What kind of music do you play?

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