“I heard you can do anything. I’m going to decapitate you.”

So this Thanksgiving I had the opportunity to introduce D&D to four nieces and nephews, as well as my own kid. We’d messed around with a sort of rules-light variation on D&D before, and they’d all set up my minis and terrain and played with my D&D stuff, but this time we doing it for real: rolling up actual characters and playing according to actual rules — in this case, my trust B/X set. I just ignored the chance of success/failure on Thief and racial skills, gave maximum HP, used 4d6 (I think some just took them in order, and some arranged them after rolling) and threw them into it. At the tavern, where all their ne’er-do-well PCs had spent their last coin, they heard about two wizard towers that were worth checking out — the ruins of the tower of Elandin, and the abandoned tower of the Stargazer. (BTW thanks to everyone who commented last time with suggestions for a first adventure. Tower of the Stargazer really fit the bill on most counts, but the other suggestions were all solid too. In the end I went with Tower of the Stargazer, as I’d read it before, and thinking they’d blow through it really quickly I also brought the Endless Tunnels of Elandin, which is a free module at Dragonsfoot by the multi-talented S. Poag. I particularly like some of the tricks & traps in this one.)

They decided that a standing tower sounded better than a ruin and set out. Meet the party:

Commander, aka Commander Poop, aka Warrior, the fighter


Angry Horse (formerly Lord Dexterity), the thief


Spike, the Elf


Belladonna, halfling


Captain Candles, another elf


the two grownups playing were Killian, dwarf


and Raydor the Mysterious, magic-user


There were some road-bumps, mostly because Commander’s player was obsessed with killing and robbing everyone he met, including the other PCs. This eventually rubbed off onto Belladonna and Captain Candles, who had to be restrained by the dwarf and sleep spells. The title of this post is one of his pre-game taunts … he had been telling another player he was going to kill his character when we played, and one of his older sibs told him he couldn’t do that. 🙂

Even so, they managed to overcome some bandits on the way to the tower, and to get inside the Tower of the Stargazer.  They explored the first floor, and found the trap door to the basement.  The undead creatures in the prison cells did in the dwarf, so I decided that, given that there was no healing magic in the party, I’d give them a few gimmes — the wine from the sitting room had healing properties, and this also saved Commander Poop, as well as Spike. The biggest challenge for the party was the mirrors in the alcove. Because the first PC benefited from the first mirror, they tried out every one. Several PCs lost points of from their attributes, and the character sheets above reflect the vicissitudes of the mirrors. Commander Poop ended up trapped inside a mirror, but fortunately he had a henchman (his cousin, Major Lord) along so he has a replacement. We stopped after about 2 or 2 1/2 hours of play time, but everyone wants to resume the game the next time we’re all together, so mission accomplished!


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  1. Sweet, I’m glad it worked out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the names!

    My 9 year old daughter’s still running “Death Star” two years on…

  3. I know I’m biased towards thieves, but Angry Horse is a splendid name. Also, I like the way he’s packing just the essentials: rope, torches, wine, thieves’ tools, missile weapon, blade, bigger blade, mahoosive two-handed blade. Ready for any eventuality, and for backstabbing any size of foe.

    • They all got armor based on class, a bow or a shield (if they can use them), a weapon, a backpack, food/water, and four picks from the equipment list. They were all really curious about the iron spikes, and no-one went with a 10′ pole. Go figure.

      • Well, exactly how useful is a really tall guy from Warsaw anyway?

        • I’ve always assumed 10′ poles are used by dungeon construction engineers for checking that corridors are exactly the regulation width.

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