BF Session # something or other: There’s always room for gelatinous cubes

Although the last session report was in June, the Basic Fantasy game has in fact been rolling along on a weekly basis. It’s been great to be back to in-person, but given the state of pandemic I think we’ll be moving the game outdoors, which may be a bit of a shock to my neighbors.

Since the campaign started we added another player, who hasn’t been at the table with us since…I don’t know, 2010? The first Telengard campaign probably? He created a half-elf Druid to join the party. In the meantime since the last report the party hired a a pair of pack bearers and a pair of torchbearers, who seem to related to EVERYONE in town. The sage who IDs magic items, the locksmith, and so on.

They also recruited some henchfolk: the dwarf paladin brought on a human magic user, Brown Julius, and the Bard recruited a half-orc assassin, Clemenza. The druid also befriended a black bear.

So this session the dwarf player was absent, and I teased the group that they better figure out how they’ll survive a foray into the dungeon with the dwarf carrying them.

In the event, the party found a pair of rooms with a “hung ceiling” some 15″ off the ground. It was the lair of 10 kobolds who were mostly avoiding other monsters on the level…like the gelatinous cube that the scout discovered while the party was dealing with the flaming-oil hurling kobolds.

How it went down was: the party probed the hung ceiling, provoking a barrage of flaming oil from the kobolds (who had lots of camouflaged hatches to allow for raining missiles below). This took out both the lantern-bearers and injured several PCs. (An aside: BF rules for flaming oil are pretty deadly. The players voiced a concern that the kobolds were payback for their use of flaming oil in prior sessions but I’m actually following a module. I might look at making oil a little less effective.) The party retaliated by setting fire to the kobolds’ platform, and eventually by sheer force the party of 6 3rd-4th level characters managed to defeat the ten kobolds. Meanwhile the scout found a gelatinous cube, which he couldn’t really see until it was right on top of him. He wisely withdrew, but the cube managed to reach and paralyze him. There was a fair amount of arguing about who should try to rescue him, and eventually the cube too was defeated. Thoroughly whooped, the party retreated to he surface again. They had very little to show for this expedition in terms of treasure or XP, but did find a magical staff inside the cube. Huzzah!

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