I’ll keep links to the rules for things (RPG & minis) I’ve made here.



I tried, with a lot of help from my brother Tom,  to house-rule a system similar to Castles & Crusades mashed-up with LL and with a folkloric/fairytale sensibility.  The character generation rules are here. (coming soon)

I also created a set of house-rules that picks and chooses from some ideas I’ve seen on other blogs and games for my Telengard campaign.  Those rules are here: TelengardLLrules.

For the Telengard campaign I also put together digest-sized booklets of spells for players to reference: LL Cleric SpellsLL Magic User L1-7.  I stopped M-U spells at 7th level because I just don’t see the PCs making it to such high levels.  I am actually tempted to stop at 5th level and require research for anything higher.  I’d also like to make the clerical spells a little more setting-specific, even if it just means changing some spell names, but I haven’t gotten around to that.  Anyway the idea is to print a booklet for each player that needs one so I don’t ever have to surrender my rule book to players!


This link will just go to the GURPS “Magick” files(rituals, paths, and styles or schools of magic for use with GURPS Voodoo, painstakingly researched for the late Middle Ages.


I’ve done a fair amount of work on revising, clarifying, and expanding the original Crypt of the Sorcerer/Caverns of Doom rules by Heritage models.

I’ll begin with the tables necessary to play out the Tomb of the Pharaoh, the first (and largest) dungeon I made:

New monsters-TotP (new monsters not in the Heritage games)

Tombs of the Pharaoh tables (encounters & treasures)

The full revison of the rules I’ve finished are on Scribd, but also here.

Dungeon Delvers Game full minus art

The version I gave in my gifts have some art inserted from classic D&D artists (Erol Otus, David Trampier, and David Sutherland, etc.) and a few other sources & I think it would be wrong to redistribute them without permission!

I also have scans of the maps I made for the gifts last year, and pdfs of the rules I gave with them, at Scribd, and I will eventually reformat them & post them here.  Check out the Sorcerers of Doom for further development of the same base rules  from Heritage Models.  Scottsz is adding full character generation rules and role-playing elements to make it a sort of DMless D&D boardgame.

Update! Did you need a revision of the PnP Dungeon Dwellers rules translated into Russian (I think — I guess could be another language using the Cyrillic alphabet)?  Well you’re in luck! Someone took my iffy edit of the the rules and translated them, adding a few spiffy illustrations and a couple of paragraphs.  Get it here: dungeon-delvers-game-full-minus-art–trans

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