Stuff to buy or trade

These things are all available.

I’ve got some rules, and minis, I’ll probably never use. Make me an offer. I’ll trade for Grenadier, Ral Partha, Heritage, Citadel, or Minifigs figures, and B/X, Labyrinth Lord, S&W, and LotFP stuff (other old minis probably welcome too).

I would also take money, of course. Postage on most things will be around $2.50 for most of the books (media mail) and more for the boxed stuff, but the minis being plastic can be shipped comparatively cheaply. The list below is not numbered consecutively, since this is a subset of a larger list which included a bunch of history books and sci-fi/fantasy zines. (I’ll list them separately if there is interest.)

Click to enlarge the pics. Not all these pics are in good focus, sorry.


Games quarterly #3. (Fall 2003) + Knucklebones Premier (Nov. 2005), July 2006,


Dragon #150, 153, 280, 295, 303 (no pull-out map)


White Dwarf #160,  216, 274



Ral Partha. Winter 1998/1999 — b&w + Citadel Miniatures (North American 1993) — mostly b&w, some color shots of painted minis


Prince August. No. 1 (1983?) — full color, digest sized, focuses on home-casting kits, with a cool spread on ‘Adventure gaming’




Three interesting handbooks on warfare and tactics from the 17th century.  They are comb-bound:

The souldier’s accidence / Gervase Markham. Photocopy edition of the 1635 book, produced by “Falconwood Press”; The souldier’s grammar / Gervase Markham. Photocopy edition of the 1639 book, produced by “Falconwood Press” ; Enchiridion of fortification / Richard Royston. Photocopy edition of the 1645 book, produced by “Falconwood Press”.


Here’s a look inside — as you can see, these are clean photocopies, but in some cases the margin is pretty cut pretty close. As far as I can tell there is no lost text though.




A small collection of maps of Korea, including a large National Geographic map (with some creases separating) and a lot of smaller maps detailing US troop movements in the Korean War

KoreaMaps-1 KoreaMaps-2



Cowboys & Indians! — This must be in the neighborhood of 200 figures? Mostly Chinese knockoffs of older toy soldier lines, there are also some 1/72 scale figures from various companies like ESCI. They are about 1″ tall, so they would work nicely with HO or N scale buildings.

Buck Rogers! — two bags of pieces which apprently were made for the Buck Rogers board game. I only have the officers (firing twin blasters) and troopers (with rifles). The officers are a little taller than the troopers and look 25mm scale; the troopers are 1/72 or 2omm scale.


Weapons & Warriors game components: 2 naval cannon + 24 plastic balls (ammo)

Vintage Crossbows and Catapults components: 2 catapults and two crossbows, rubber bands needed

17 ESCI Muslim warriors (1/72)

30 plastic pirates (54mm or 1/32 scale) Good targets for the W&W cannon above (the photo shows 33, but I used a few for some other projects since taking it!)

A bunch of 1/32 firemen I was going to use as fire giants at some point.

Spare IMEX Civil War, 1/72 infantry and artillery crew (the artillery itself lacks wheels as I used them for chariotry)



 Some men-at-arms from Weapons and Warriors. Five guys with polearms and Norman style shields, and two longbowmen. The are on 1″ diameter bases, so they would 28mm scale.
A bunch of 28mm medieval soldiers from the Lionheart and BattleMasters games. Spearmen, halberdiers, two kinds of archers, some crossbowmen, and lots of knights on barded horses. Let me know what you’re looking for.
Two Cossacks, I think; either Old Glory or Foundry.
 More to come!









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  2. […] My wife says that I will never make it to level 7, but thinks my daughter can get there (I assume level 8 is off limits). If you’d like to make your prediction about how deep I’ll get before becoming lodged, freaking out, or fleeing in panic, leave a comment. The correct answer (or a randomly selected correct answer if I get more than one) will win their choice* of fabulous prizes from my collection of stuff I’m trying to get rid of. […]

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