DBD&D continued

OK, at the request of my DM I did look over Battlesystem 2e again and decided it is basically Advanced Chainmail.  I can get over the fact that you need all the polyhedrals, not just normal six-sided dice.  I can get over the fact that you need to keep track of a large number of morale triggers, and hits per figure (I’d imagined the standard trooper would take one hit yo kill but no, mostly two plus).  And I really like the fast movement (18″ for cavalry, 9″ for infantry, on a standard 8’x4′ board).  What I really don’t like is that it is not really like AD&D or any version of D&D, so all the players would need to learn a new system of rolling to hit and so on.  Granted HOTT would also be a new system for everyone but at least it is VERY short and simple. Roll one die for attacker, one for defender, apply modifiers, compare totals.   Short and sweet.  I shouldn’t let it bother me too much but Battlesystem also uses different basing conventions, and I will not rebase.  HOTT will let me put figures on standard sabot bases; Battlesystem needs to keep track of how many figures on each side are in contact with each other and that just leads to arguments or screwy sliding of units to get one more dude in contact than your opponent, or so my Warhammer 3rd ed. experiences taught me.  The other big benefit of Battlesystem was supposed to be that it covers AD&D spells…but the list of spells is very short and only covers Clerical and Magic-User spells.  Our C&C party has an illusionist and a druid (altohugh the druid player seems to have dropped out).  So I’m back to HOTT.

Happily, someone has already done most of the hard part regarding how to work PCs.  Q.v. Hordes of the Things for D20.


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