Busy, busy, busy — now with pics

With the holidays winding down and no yard work or major home repairs to do, I’ve been making time to paint again! Here’s some stuff. I’m still using my phone for photos because although the image quality isn’t as good, it’s a lot faster and doesn’t require file transfers. <Update — turns out you can’t just copy pictures from your Google Photos — they will only be visible to people you already shared them with.> Click to embiggen them.

First up, some seasonal minis — two Reaper leprechauns. (Sadly the third from this pack is MIA. I gave it to my daughter a few years ago and she lost it. 😦

I think the flash really doesn’t do the paint job any favors, but it is a bit messier than usual even for me. I really rushed these guys to keep ahead of St. Patrick’s Day.

Speaking of sloppy painting, here’s a Reaper Bones marilith. Bones minis are usually pretty crisp but this one’s face has very poor detail and I really couldn’t distinguish her eyes. In the end I painted them like lidless snake eyes. Again, too much flash.

Next up, yet another Reaper mini — an earth elemental. My only gripe with this figure is the tombstone integral to his base. It’s kind of out of place, in my opinion. But it was nicely sculpted. I still need to flock the base.

Lastly a passle of “razor wings” from the Descent board game (Fantasy Flight Games).

In hindsight I should have done something about the heads — varying the angles of tilt. It would be a simple fix to cut them off and rotate them a bit before pinning them back on. Maybe later.

Next time, a whole lotta pirates and adventurers.


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The last of the giants?

With these guys done, I can finally say I’ve painted all the giants minis I own. (OK, there is a pair of firbolgs, an ettin, and some Gamma World giant mutants, and a lot of trolls and ogres, but no more giants per se.) Those are mostly metal; these guys are all plastic.

First, a Dragonstrike! stone giant. A very simple sculpt, but immediately recognizable. And next to him a DFC giant. I really like these guys as frost giants.  I’d get half a dozen more if I could, and mix up the weapons a little.



Then two truly giant giants, from the Descent board-game. Mountain giants, I guess.

Descent-giantsI painted the first as a mountain giant. The pointy, elfin ears gave me the idea to paint his hair green, which sort of suggests grass or leaves; maybe he is related to the ents. The other guy might be a frost or stone giant.  I like the fairy-tale aspect to these guys.

Technically I guess I have one more giant to go because I am painting a Battlemasters ogre as a fire giant, but I was impatient to get these up on the blog.


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Talisman, and check out this crazy 3-d game board someone made

Last night the gaming group caught up a little (“How was your holiday?” “Good.” “OK, wanna play something?”) and then played a very fun game of Talisman.  I got my brother the Fantasy Flight 4th ed. for his birthday a few years back, and it has been in my basement for a year or two since we always play games at my house.

Now we started playing this game back when the second edition came out in the mid 1980s, and added most of the expansions (not the Timescape and Dragon expansions, which never seemed worthwhile on our budgets back then, but somehow we scraped together the money for the other four!).  By the mid-1990s our gaming group still played the heck out of it in all-night marathons, and one of our friends and I made up some “extra” adventure cards…we began by replacing a missing magic item (the wand) and ended up with more monsters, events, and so on.  I don’t think we ever used the “new” cards; everyone else thought they were too stupid. 😦

Anyway the FFG 4th edition is pretty damn good.  They added a few tweaks and “fate points” which presumably add an element of skill to the game.   The components are all top-quality and the miniatures are pretty good (well except the Warrior who appears to have scoliosis…).  The game still plays almost exactly as we remember, and the few changes all seemed like good ideas.  The price tag is kind of high, but back when Games Workshop published it, it was similarly pricey, so that’s a wash.

I never tried the third edition of this game, but apparently it was fairly different form either the second or fourth editions.

BTW, here’s a frightening and awesome thing: someone built themselves a 3-D board for Talisman. Photo here.  Click through for some detail shots.  Note the classic Ral Partha and Grenadier minis, among others, added as scenery, and all the little details. This thing belongs in a museum!

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Morlocks and wights

I painted the “Beastmen” from Descent as Morlocks, as there are many Morlocks running around Telengard.  Maybe their underground city is connected to the dungeon somewhere.

The pose is a little exaggerated but they look OK.

You can see that they have little rag dolls on their belts.  I like that detail but who knows what it means?  Are the Morlocks child-like in some way, perhaps dim-witted and prone to tantrums?

They look a lot like my old school wights, with crazy hair after the Trampier illustration in the original Monster Manual.

The one in the center is Grenadier; the other two are Heritage. Ol’ Red Eyes on the left was one of the figures Scottsz sent me in exchange for for some 4e books.

In my Telengard setting, I’m changing Morlocks a bit from what the LL rules have.  They are more in line with AD&D Grimlocks — sightless, but with acute hearing and smell, 2HD, and very primitive… (well, these Morlocks are; they might have more advanced leaders).  2d6 will be the standard number encountered, so I’ll have to draft the wights if I roll a 10-12; there are only 9 Descent minis.

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Some plastic dragons

The Dark Tower game dragon piece, which looks a lot to me like a Superior Models dragon, and more like a Ral Partha drake.

Superior models Dragon #6, attacking.  Image from the Lost Minis Wiki

RP 01-072, Cold Drake. Image from the Lost minis Wiki

Unfortunately he looks kind of silly head-on, as the wings are molded flat:

Here are two dragons from Fantasy Flight’s Descent game (identical models, painted black and blue):

The Descent game is truly awesome for minis.

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