…what it’s got in its nassty little pocketses?

I was never a customer of the Judges Guild products BITD. When my brother & bought anything game related, it was almost always rules, and pretty much never a module or adventure. Among the very few exceptions were a few supplements that combined adventures with new rules (the Dwarves and Dark Folk books by Role Aids. I don’t think we ever used anything in them, although we enjoyed reading them!) Anyway since getting swept along in the wave of nostalgia, I’ve been looking at a few of their products. Adventures like Caverns of Thracia get rave reviews, and the City State of the Invincible Overlord is pretty popular, but I can’t see using a published setting under any circumstances. However one module I stumbled across (Heroic Expeditions by Edward R. G. Mortimer) had three adventures, one for a “party” two half-orcs and one (IIRC) for a party of halflings; not sure about the third. It had one awesome idea I am stealing in my game: a table of random mundane items. And when I say mundane, I mean things like wooden boxes and teabags, but also a few more useful items like candles and torches as well as coins and a few valuables. When the PCs kill a random humanoid (or human or demihuman) and searches the body, I use this table rather than the crummy “d6 coppers” or “2d6 silver” or whatever they normally carry. (If they kill 20 goblins, I’ll just roll a few times, not 20!) Anyway here is the d100 table of random mundane treasures.  Half of the entries and the original idea are pretty much straight from Heroic Expeditions, so obviously Ed Mortimer and Judges Guild deserve the lions’ share of the credit.  Mr. Mortimer was kind enough to grant me permission use his table for this post and share my version provided he & JG are given due credit, and no-one tries to profit from his work. He said that he used this table a lot as a DM and remembers it fondly.

This also seems like exactly the sort of table DM Muse should be turning into a “living table,” so if Dion decides to incorporate it into his site, I hope others will add more items.

Mundane Items Table (PDF)

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Ah, the glory of adventure!

This is not Photoshopped.  Only Judges Guild would call a D&D dungeon the Glory Hole.  Published in 1981.

Speaking of D&D, I can’t look away from Playing D&D with Porn Stars, for obvious reasons.   No, seriously.  Zak the DM has occasionally brilliant insights into the game.  No pron there either, not that I spent more than a few hours looking.  His players seem to be having a great time, and they are all new to the game so they do all kinds of unpredictable things, which makes it one of the rare “what we did the last time we played” blogs that is worth reading.  Lately there has even been talk of a reality show based on the this group (apparently some test filming has already begun) and if it is not too exploitative (and what reality show has ever been exploitative?) it should be a real hoot.

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Rat on a stick!


Over at the Judge’s Guild website they have a recipe for Rat on a stick, <update: link broken, but here’s an archived version of the original> a delicacy offered by one of the few fast food franchises available to Tunnels & Trolls players.  Just the thing for my mom’s annual Halloween party!

I had to adapt the recipe (being vegetarian and all) but I think it will work.  They smell great; I can’t wait to try one tonight.  My version substitutes “Gimme Lean” veggie sausage for the beef, Italian style bread crumbs for the cracker crumbs, and pizza sauce for the BBQ sauce & honey.  I also went with string cheese because 1/2 a stick is the perfect size, and goes with the Italian-American style ingredients. I basically doubled the recipe, using 2 rolls of sausage, 1 cup bread crumbs, and 12 pieces of string cheese (cut in half).  A jar of pizza sauce of more than enough, and next time I won’t coat the bottoms of the rats!

DSC03178Bread crumbs & “sausage”


DSC03180Riley helps mix up the eggs

DSC03182The rat shape coating the cheese…

DSC03183Coated with sauce (in retrospect I’d do this after adding tails next time)

DSC03184Boiling one end of the spaghetti in water with food coloring.

DSC03185With tails; my wife added food coloring eyes and rosemary whiskers.

DSC03186Ready for the oven. Yumtious!

So, the revised recipe would be:

1 log of “Gimme Lean” ground veggie sausage (the package says it is equivalent to 1 lb. cooked meat)

1/2 c. bread crumbs

1 egg

6 sticks of string cheese

1 small jar or can of pizza sauce

12 wooden skewers

12 pieces of spaghetti

red food coloring

rosemary or thyme for whiskers

green or black food coloring for eyes

Preheat oven to 400 degrees; mix sausage and crumbs with 1 beaten egg; cut cheese sticks in half and skewer on sticks; divide sausage/bread crumb mixture into 12 pieces; mold it over the cheese in a cone shape; boil 2-4 c. water in a pan with red food coloring, and dip in one end of the spaghetti, until it softens, and when the dipped end is fully cooked, break off most of the uncooked end, leaving a bit to stick into the rat’s asses, and drape the tail over the stick; brush with pizza sauce, stick in whiskers and dot with food coloring for eyes.  Bake on a lightly greased cookie sheet for 20 minutes or so (keep an eye on it; ovens vary).  I doubled the above recipe for the party.

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