Why did it have to be snakes!?!

Organizing my figures has been life-long struggle.   OK, not a particularly important struggle, but still, it’s been a pain.  Take monsters.  Do you just put them in boxes willy nilly where they fit most compactly (to minimize the total boxes needed), or do you put them in some sort of order — by name, by hit dice/level/challenge rating, by type, by locale (swamp vs underground vs arctic…), by theme, etc.?  If you are a collector, do you organize them by manufacturer?  There are lots of possibilities.  I finally settled on putting most them in “themed” boxes.  So lizardmen, troglodytes,  and kobolds all went in one box; ogres, trolls, & giants in another; etc.  The drow and spiders I posted earlier actually share a box with my snake-themed monsters (“spiders & snakes”).  These are the serpent folk:

These “giant” snakes (on a 1″ grid battlemat) are a Ral Partha cobra, and two Grenadier  figures.


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How now brown Drow?

I really hate drow elves.  They just suck.  Spider-demon worshiping freaks.


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“I look’d toward Birnam, and anon, methought, The wood began to move.”


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The army of the apes

I have slightly mixed feelings about MageKnight, the WizKids collectible miniatures game. On the one hand they had some terrible sculpts and spawned the “random figure” packs; but on the other they were the first really widely distributed, cheap, prepainted line of minis and they put a number of Ral Patha sculpts back in print. This army of apes is mostly based on a single Ral Partha gorillaman (which originally came in a set with a caged woman). Shortly before MageKnight completely crashed, you could get MageKnight figures for 25 cents or so at conventions and gaming stores, and I bought up tons of figures from a bin at Origins one year, including all these apes. The rest of the army is filled out with some metal figures, including some really old Minifigs flying apemen from their S&S line of the 1970s — scored at an auction at a BASHCon for $2, some fifteen years ago…


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