Manticores and minotaur

A few things from my painting desk.

These two manticores are from the first edition Descent game. For variety, I painted one in a tiger pattern and the other as a lion. They were very quick to paint — I primed them one night and did everything else the next while half-watching SNL on TV.

Wizard for scale, though in hindsight he’s a bit nearer the camera.

The theory I’ve read is that manticores were based on accounts of tigers, so the tiger striped version might be more authentic.

Next up a minotaur of unknown (to me) provenance. Comment if you recognize her. The hands and spear are wire, putty, and assorted spare bits because I got this model without the intended hands.

The minotaur is female. I would have gone with udders rather than human breasts, and given it a tail, given the cow hoofs etc. The furry butt cracks me up. But it’s the last of my unpainted minotaurs! (No counting a few pre-painted MageKnight figures I might redo someday.)

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Mystery mini — Werehamster?

This mini is the, or one of the, first minis I ever bought with my own money, probably in 1981.  Tom Thumb Hobbies, a little mom & pop hobby shop in the strip mall, had several open boxes of Grenadier minis under the front counter and sold them for $1 a piece — which was a considerable markup over buying a typical box, but I guess you got to pick & choose.  Anyway since the figures were pretty random, and possibly included stuff from blister packs and certainly had ‘old’ minis from before Grenadier got the all-important AD&D license, I have no idea what this guy was originally sold as.  But he’s certainly a Grenadier, as he has a very similar looking cousin that was sold as a wererat.  But this is no wererat.  He’s got a fluffy tail, perhaps making him a hamster?

The closest thing I’ve found is this wererat here.  He’s got the same arm, face, and feet, but the weapon and weapon arm are different, and he’s unarmored.  So maybe the werehamster is from the Wizzards & Warriors line?

My figure is definitely not a conversion, he’s cast from solid lead, epaulette and all.  Anyone seen this guy?

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Mystery minis — Colonial gentry

On our vacation to Williamsburg last month, I picked up a souvenir — these two minis.

All I know about them is that they were made in the USA.  The packaging doesn’t really list a manufacturer…and the bases were pre-filed, so there is nothing there.   They’re about 28mm scale, and the detail is not terribly crisp.  There were some soldiers (American, British, Hessian) but I didn’t pick any of them up.  I’m guessing they were repackaged for  souvenir shops.  Any ideas?

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Mystery mini identified at last!

I was browsing the galleries at Lead Poisoned again — there are some very obscure (to me, anyway) companies covered in his galleries.  I just happened to find the giant that’s been eluding identification all this time in the page for “Adina” miniatures — a Pennsylvania based manufacturer.  Lead Poisoned’s image is here, and mine is here.


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Mystery minis, 50% solution

So the troll was a Ral Partha Import (many thanks to “Happy Flounder” on the Grenadier Yahoo group for identifying this and even pointing to an eBay auction showing him in the original packaging (Fantasy Tribe Trolls #5, giant troll with axe & shield).

As far as I know, all the Ral Partha Imports were Citadel models.  (Possibly some were Denizen models too; I think I got a Denizen skeleton warrior sold in RP packaging back in the early 1980s).

But the really odd thing is this: most of the Ral Partha Import trolls were sculpted by Tom Meier (he was, as I understand it, visiting England and did some sculpting for Citadel).  As you can see from the image from Stuff of Legends below, the FTT line at some point was entirely Tom Meier sculpts:

Some painted FTT figures are here.

I’m still painting mine as a frost giant though.  In fact I’m thinking I’ll paint all my Tom Meier trolls as ice trolls too, in light of the fact I have more trolls than I know what to do with and and we’ve been fighting tons of them in C&C lately.

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Mystery minis!

I can generally remember the manufacturer and name of the figures I’ve purchased, no matter how long ago, as long I bought them in the original packaging, because I pretty much agonized over every purchase BITD.  (I had a rule of thumb that I’d pay no more than $1 a figure, which meant I usually bought boxes and large blister packs rather than singles, and I generally bought Grenadier over other manufacturers in part because they were the most economical.  This all changed when I discovered Citadel minis, especially the later slotta-based from the mid-late 1980s.  Sigh.) Anyway some of the figures that I’ve picked up second hand eluded identification for a long time.  And two figures I recently received (from the spontaneous generosity of Michael “Khazan” at Specter Studios and from the inimitable Scottsz) have me stumped. The first has a rectangular base, which makes me think Minifigs or Custom Cast/Kreigspieler Fantastiques, but it does not appear anywhere I’ve looked (DnD Lead, Lost Minis Wiki, etc.)  He has a date (1978) and a code (2009) and that is it on his base.  Here are a couple of bad images:

He’s pretty big (ogre or troll sized) so I wonder if he isn’t a 54mm  or larger scale dwarf, based on the beard and head size.

The other one seems likely a Citadel figure or maybe Broadsword, and he has no markings on his base.   He’s quite tall, and I am planning to paint him as a giant despite his troll-like fangs.

Any help identifying these guys would be appreciated.  They are likely to end up painted as frost giants, regardless of their real identities.

UPDATE: The first guy is a giant by Adina; the second guy is a Ral Partha troll, replacing one of the Tom Meier trolls he sculpted in England for GW/Ral Partha Imports.

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