Telengard death statistics

These stats keep going out of date…I’ll put them here in a permanent page to keep them handy for updating!

  • Mac the fighter: petrified by a medusa but restored to flesh, slain by an umber hulk but Raised, mortally wounded by giant rats buy saved by quick healing.
  • Longine the fighter: killed by a grey ooze.
  • Echinacea the elf: killed by mutant rats, dead.
  • Matrim the fighter: slain by yellow mold but raised, lost a foot to a cone of cold but had it regrown.
  • Carlos the cleric: slain and not raisable.
  • Zorro the cleric: slain by yellow mold but raised
  • Swinlow: slain by skeletons but raised, slain by ghast but raised, slain by the Whirldwind machine but reincarnated, now an NPC
  • Grumble the dwarf: failed many saves versus death (telefragged) and poison (spiders, medusa, etc.) but always rolled well enough on the Death & Dismemberment chart to survive; turned into a mutant rat but he got better; killed by a Jabberwock but Raised.
  • Garmin, the magic-user: killed by shrapnel on a pier in Porttown, but Raised.
  • Sparky the elf: mortally wounded by burns but healed and brought back from the brink.
  • Van Torson the cleric, Tumble the halfling, and others: retired
  • Hirelings lost: two swordsmen (The Savage Swords of Athanor) slain by driders, Jack the Torchbearer slain by driders.
  • Other followers lost: Grettr the Strong, a living statue — slain by driders.

So, total PC deaths: 11

Permanent deaths: 2

NPC deaths: 4

Near death experiences (fatal wounds that were healed before the onset of death, petrification that was reversed, etc.): 3

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